Research and Development

Sakata Inx (India) Private Limited is committed to promoting technologically advanced printing inks. Our firm belief is that customer satisfaction is derived from developing products having attributes that contribute to the bottom line. Our continuous endeavour is to enhance product value by constant and intense research & development activity.

Sakata's integrated research on printing ink technology ranges from the detailed study of the physical attributes of the printing material to the development of high-performance ink.

Because of our vast experience backed by our continuous R&D we cater to the increasingly sophisticated and diverse requirements of the printing industry. We also achieved significant results in the area of environmental compliance, developing new inks that are environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, taking advantage of the advanced elemental technology developed for ink, we are promoting the development of highly functional coating materials and other products, thus expanding our areas of business. Through the application of sophisticated techniques and state of the art computer and communications technology, our aim is to develop systems that process all types of printing image data with greater speed and accuracy.