Sakata Inx Corporation Japan was founded in the year 1896 and is now a global ink manufacturer. SIC expanded overseas in 1948 and has over 36 major bases worldwide.

With over a century of history, SAKATA INX has always been on the forefront of expanding its involvement in the printing and information industries.

SAKATA INX will continue to expand on its broad base of technology and make it our highest priority to serve the technical innovation of the printing and information industries.

Our vision is "Creation of Visual Communication Technology."

For that reason, SAKATA INX will make the printing ink business our core business, and will continue with new research and development activities based on our basic technologies. In the printing related field, SAKATA INX will take an active approach to the new business as an "ecological-oriented company," SAKATA INX is committed to act on that concept in all of our business activities.